Mul-t-lock Omega Plus Security Lock


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The be-all and end-all in your safety.

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Armored door lock with absolute control over key copying.

  • Its high-tech gear mechanism excludes the case of lock blocking while providing quiet operation.
  • The lock replaces the most well-known types of armored door security lock. (CISA, ATRA, MOTTURA, POTENT, TESIO, SECUREMME).
  • It delivers with a basic combination and innovates by providing two additional combinations of change. The change can be made easily by the user himself.
  • Practical folding key.




1) The Omega plus lock is delivered with a blue sealed bag which contains: three folding keys with green indication (1st life) and a blue property card, necessary for the user to have for the manufacture of additional omega keys.

2) In addition, inside the blue bag you will find a bag of white color which contains

a)a key with a yellow indication (2nd life) and

b)a blue ownership card with the yellow and red code (3rd life).

3) In case of emergency you can easily and yourself cancel the keys with the green indicator (1st life), simply by operating the key with the yellow indicator on the lock.
Attention!! In case you operate the yellow key you cannot return to the 1st life.

4) This card writes the code of the 2nd and 3rd life (in the 3rd life only the code is given and not a key) and is necessary for the user to construct additional keys.

It is recommended to make a key with a red code when the owner of the lock is already using the 2nd life.


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