Iseo R50


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Italian cylinder iseo, model r50 with 5 keys & property card so as not to copy its key.

19 in stock

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  • Maximum security cylinder of the Italian company ISEO
  • 5 patented, double-sided, controlled production keys with 11 bils (codes), sealed in a special package.
  • Available color nikel.
  • EN 1303:2005 certification.
  • The cylinder is manufactured in Italy from automated CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, resulting in high accuracy in its production and top quality.
  • 3 different levels of pins, giving over 1,000,000 possible combinations.
  • Protection anti-drilling on the body of the cylinder and in the socket of the key.
  • Steel stainless pins on the key.
  • Protection anti-picking.
  • Brass cylinder body.
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