Doors in this category have the following technical characteristics:

Door door from M.D.F 6 mm inside-out, with paper cell filling, white wood frame FINGER JOINT, with internal reinforcement in the lock and at the bottom of the door leaf, lined everywhere with laminate.
Door thickness 55mm.
The frames are made of BLOCK BOARD, cross section 75-100-130-150-180-240 X 40 mm, straight or oval.
All sills are buttoned and made of plywood, cross section 6.5X9 mm straight and 6.5X15 mm oval.
The wallets have a mounted lock, as well as three double heavy-duty hinges, in gold or nickel color.
The cases have the cypress of the lock, as well as three double hinges of heavy type, in gold or nickel color.
The tires are mounted on the frames.
The cases have a bevel.
Possibility of linear design horizontally or vertically, with stainless steel lath installed.
Possibility of single-leaf / double-leaf door, internally and externally sliding, glazed door, split single-leaf door and single-leaf / double-leaf loft.
Without standardization of meters in width and height, with upper frame construction dimension width 0.98 cm
and height 2.14 m in horizontal waters and 2.19 m in vertical waters.

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