Fiam ISEO – Cylinder Lock


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Security lock of armored doors from the company FIAM.

15 in stock

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Lock for security door, with cylinder (new type). New operation system with double catapult (relock). It is combined with an 80mm safety belly button (30-50) and a protective cover (defender). Suitable for replacing locks of all types, as long as it has 4 pirroi, lower tongue and center 63mm or 73mm.

  • Suitable for replacing lock MOTTURA-ATRA-SECUREMME-POTENT
  • New technology with double catapult (relock). The catapult is a protection system that is located inside the lock and works as follows: If someone tries to breach the door (and it is locked) the catapult falls and blocks the lock. It is activated when the cylinder is also removed from the lock.
  • High-precision mechanism with gears, which gives the advantage to the lock to operate quietly
  • Compatible with all cylinders and defenders on the market
  • Center 63mm or 73mm, 4 pirrhoea and tongue down
  • Available on the right or left. Choose according to the direction of the door

For a completely complete solution, you can combine the cylinder lock with catapult you chose, with a security cylinder with a proprietary card and a branded defender.


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