Disec MRM29 Defender magnetic, for armored cylinder doors


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It is used to protect the cylinder and lock from attempting to breach the door.

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In new technology locks with a cylinder, the defender is a necessary accessory for the completion of a package that still consists of a new technology lock with a catapult and a security cylinder. The defender is a steel protective housing, which screws onto the body of the lock.

It is used to protect the cylinder and lock from attempting to breach the door.

What is it used for and how does it work?

This defender is used in armored door locks. It is placed on the outside of the door and screws behind the lock. A steel plate closes the recess where the key is placed, thus protecting the internal mechanism of the lock. In this way the identity of the lock remains hidden, and the work of would-be burglars becomes more difficult.

The package includes 2 special keychains (mangic key). Touching the keychain in the defender's special position, the steel plate turns and reveals the recess of the key.

The product is recommended for mounting on all locks of armored doors, with a cylinder. Easy to install. Excellent quality at the best price on the market!

  • Features:
    The defender's main body is made of overdated steel
  • Its decorative rosette is also steely, which makes it durable in attempting to drill or hit
  • The defender screws onto the body of the locks with passing screws. As a result, it cannot be removed from the outside.
  • Its length is adjustable. Attached to the door, depending on the case
  • Two magnetic keys are included in the package
  • magnetic keys have copy protection, i.e. copies are made only with the code that is indicated on the property card
  • Available in colors: gold, bronze and nikel

*The magnetic key is unique and non-copyable, except from special stores and after the presentation of the ownership card by the holder.

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