Disec BD200 Monolito Rok Defender, for armored doors


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Suitable for locks of armored doors with cylinder

14 in stock

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Defender Monolito Rok, from disec company for armored doors, with code BD200

In new technology locks with a cylinder, the defender is a necessary accessory for the completion of a package that still consists of a new technology lock with a catapult and a security cylinder.

The defender is a steel protective housing, which screws onto the body of the lock.

It is used to protect the cylinder and lock from attempting to breach the door.

  • Suitable for locks of armored doors with cylinder
  • The defender's main body is made of overdated steel
  • Its decorative rosette is also steely, which makes it durable in attempting to drill or hit
  • It also has two steel cylinders inside, which are placed at the point where the screws are located. The bills increase the degree of difficulty in removing the defender because it prevents the attempt to drill at the point where it rests on the lock.
  • The defender screws onto the body of the locks with passing screws. As a result, it cannot be removed from the outside.
  • Its length is adjustable. Attached to the door, depending on the case
  • Available in colors: gold, bronze and nikel
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