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One of the best cylinders on the market.

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The flagship of CISA cylinders and one of the best cylinders currently on the market! It has a "Snap Resistant" anti-break protection system. This means that in an attempt to break through the cylinder shows a high degree of resistance, thanks to the steel bar located at the bottom and cannot be broken. Moreover, the CISA RS3 S cylinder has anti-hit protection (anti-bumping protection).

  • Controlled key playback (copy protection).
  • Patented "Snap Resistant" protection system against breakage. The bottom of the roller is covered by a steel bar from side to side, making the cylinder resistant in case of attempted burglary.
  • Steel balls at the front of it so that it cannot be easily punctured (anti-drill protection).
  • Anti-bumping protection
  • Patented key profile that prevents illegal copying, thanks to the moving plate located at the tip of the key
  • Certifications ICIM EN 1303:05, Ghost
  • It has 13 active billies internally, in a radial arrangement of three rows.
  • Controlled key playback (copy protection). Copies of the key are made only with the code indicated on the ownership card, at the CISA factory in Italy. Delivery time of additional keys 10-15 working days.
  • Included in the package are 5 security keys, the holder card for playing keys and a support screw
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