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Linings of all types and color variations.


  • Outer sheet of electrogalvanized steel sheet 10/10mm.
  • 20/10mm additional steel plate for the protection and fastening of the lock throughout the vertical part of the door.
  • 3 internal vertical nerves 25 cm, omega-shaped, made of electrovanized steel 10/10mm.
  • 16-point perimeter safety with:
  • 6 fixed pistons (hinge side)
  • 10 mobile pistons (lock side).
  • Cylinder lock (with 5 small keys),gearer for silent operation
    and steel defender in the lock for protection from vandalism.
  • Catapult system in the lock (relock), so that in an attempt to break or destroy the defender, it blocks the lock and the fires do not subside.
  • Steel door frame 20/10mm, painted electrostatically (standard coffee),
    with a specially designed profile for anti-burglary protection.
  • Adjustable heavy duty hinges with steel base hinges.
  • Regolator at the point of the tongue, for a good fit of the door to the frame.
  • Narrow-aperture latch.
  • Floor windshioth, automatic and adjustable.
  • Perimeter tires made of expandable PVC.
  • Panoramic bleed.
  • Set of factory knobs bronzed and silver.
  • Possibility of security cylinders with card and non-copied keys.
  • Possibility of 2nd service lock.
  • Possibility of blind latch.
  • Possibility for electric cypriot.
  • Possibility of electric lock for greater security in the door gloss.
  • Installation with jeans and ironwork firmly welded to the frame, for perimeter support on the masonry in combination with concrete, which apart from the robustness give firework to the support of an armored door.



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