BKS GU Heavy Duty


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Heavy Duty BKS GU Recovery Mechanism

15 in stock


Leading German oil mechanism GU-BKS made of high quality materials and durability to time and use.

It is recommended in difficult cases with a force of EN 5 (heavy north doors), but without "catching" much space or being too heavy for the door to hang.

Also, the GU BKS mechanism is the only one with a 16-step fluctuation adjustment in the strength of the spring (without changes in the arm), with a special allen key contained in the package.

Alternatively you can also prefer the mechanism with STOP, which keeps the door open at the degrees you want.


  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Slight resistance to opening the door
  • Special arm with stoper adjustable to the opening degrees we want
  • Converts to right or left depending on the door
  • Strong adjustable rebound spring EN 2 to 5
  • 2 screws adjusting the closing force of the door
  • 2-speed closing setting
  • Adjustable distance on the arm
  • instructions for setting up and installing are contained
  • Fastening screws are contained in the color of the mechanism
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