• HEIGHT: 207,212,214,217,222
  • WIDTH: 90,93,98,100,103
  1. Accessories INOX, BRONZE, GOLD (handle, lock mouthpieces, peephole 180o, ball).
  2. Door leaf with reinforced armor from galvanized sheet metal with special hardness. The inner armor sheet has 3 vertical ribs that strengthen the armor.
  3. Cold-rolled sheet metal case, electrostatically painted in matte black textured. The case is reinforced with an integrated preframe in the form of a hollow beam for easy installation and avoidance of torsion.
  4. Curb profile of woodlice matte black textured.
  5. Heavy-duty hinges, quiet, adjustable.
  6. SECUREMME Lock Small type lock & diamond key with 5 service keys & 1 parsnip.
  7. Controlled opening mechanism.
  8. Lock regulus.
  9. Automatic adjustable windbreak.
  10. Perimeter case rubber, insulating, anti-shock.
  11. Metal retention of inner lining.
  12. 8 fixed and 12 mobile pistons.
The product is manufactured in Greece.