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Metal fire doors with door leaf total thickness 60mm. Made externally from galvanized steel sheets 0,8mm. Internal filling of high-density insulating refractory material.

5 in stock

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Key Features:

Metal fire safety door, certified according to EN 1634-1 category EI2 60′ and EI2 120′ with reversible time (left – right).

  • Door leaf of total thickness 60mm. Made externally of sheet of fully galvanized steel 0,8mm. Internal filling of high-density insulating refractory material.
  • Reinforcement plates built into the inside of the door leaf, for stable installation of panic bar and reset mechanism.
  • 4-sided corner frame with a detachable floor frame.
  • Construction of frame made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm.
  • Lock reversible with key and socket for cylinder.
  • Black fire safety handle with steel inner core.
  • Two hinges per sheet. One with bearings and height adjustment, and the other has a spring and a door reset adjustment.
  • Thermally drilled rubber 28mm, around the frame for the complete sealing of the door in case of fire. • Metal marking with the certification marking on the side of the door.
  • Electrostatically painted, sagre (orange peel appearance) with anti-engraving properties.
  • The doors can accept optional equipment such as panic bar, panic lock, security lock, automatic reset mechanism, etc.

Other Characteristics:

  • Weight approximately 35Kg/m2 for doors 60′ and 45Kg/m2 for Doors 120′
  • Each fire safety door is accompanied by its certificates, as well as installation and maintenance instructions.
  • The doors are all available (Single leaf, Double Leaf, for 60′ & 120′) with standard RAL 7035 color. Single-leaf doors of the 60-minute category are available as standard and in wood color. RAL 7035

Ways of Installation:

  • With Hesyster
  • With Links

*Fire safety doors are available in other RAL colors and other dimensions for special constructions only upon request.

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